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The Omen Trio

Vultures, bats and ravens within todays’ society rarely spring to mind positive associations. In fact, the common stigma these creatures have shared for centuries is that of death, darkness and foreboding tragedy. At first glance at their depictions in the paintings they appear deeply ominous and dangerous, calling to mind the many macabre stories that lend to their dark stigma. However, upon further examination into these three “ghoulish” creatures, you can begin to see the truth of these intriguing animals. Symbols decorating the skeletons tell a different, subtler story of positivity of these species and their many favorable attributes. The shared symbol placed on their foreheads called an Awen, a welsh symbol meaning the inspiration of artists, encompasses the profound and deep inspiration and admiration I draw, as an artist, from these animals. “The Omen Trio” is ultimately an homage to three wildly misunderstood species that, rather than being shrouded by superstition and fear, should be praised and exalted for their essential, intriguing roles in the animal kingdom.   

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