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Artist Statement

           My intent with my artwork is to draw attention to and tell a different narrative of the many issues within wildlife conservation, namely the rapidly rising numbers of endangered species. Working mainly with acrylic and oil paints, I strive to capture the emotional voice of species that cannot speak for themselves. My work is heavily inspired by my experiences growing up around biologists, park rangers, and Department of Natural Resource employees. Memories of their work and the ways in which they approach and address conservational issues and the public have created the foundation on which I have built my portfolio. My mothers’ work with the DNR inspires me to utilize my art as a tool to bring public awareness to problems that are often overlooked, misunderstood or simply not known to the public. I endeavor, in my artwork, not only to illustrate existing problems but to also create the empathy needed to care about and confront these issues. I strive for my art to educate while at the same time strike an emotional chord with viewers to inspire them to take action with conservation efforts in their own lives.

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